Founded in 2005, Cypress Engine Accessories (CEA) provides a variety of product and service solutions focused on improving the performance and emissions of industrial natural gas engines used in compression and power generation applications. With industry-leading expertise, CEA specializes in monitoring and control systems that dramatically improve the reliability, availability and environmental compliance of equipment.

CEA is located in Cypress, TX with branches in Kilgore, Weatherford and Midland, TX. Although our physical locations are in Texas, our service area extends further to include customers throughout the central United States region.

If you are looking to improve your engines’ reliability and online availability, we have both the parts and service expertise required to help you reach your goals. Our products and innovative solutions will help you increase your run time, while giving you the latest in control-automation and design.

If you are looking to assure your compliance with emission standards, we have both the highest quality products and the expertise required to assure you stay in compliance. From sizing an application to installations and testing– count on us to be your compliance partner.

Your needs plus our solutions, result in your satisfaction and performance!

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